De Avenger is een spectaculaire racer met de volgende specificaties:Chasis:

AvengerCup Chassis.Motor:
155pk Ford Zetec E 2.0L/ 80mm throttlebody /KMS Motormanagement.Versnelling:
Ford Focus IB5 5 speed manual.Remmen:
Willwood 4 zuiger klauwen voor, Willwood 2 zuiger klauwen achter.Vering:
Double wishbones rondom.Dempers:
GAZ dempers met bump en rebound apart instelbaar.Gewicht:
515 kg.Afmetingen:
345 cm lang, 172 cm breed.Aerodynamica.
Vlakke bodemplaat, instelbare vleugel.Banden:
Kumho Tyres.Datalogging:
AIM geleverd door Albi Engineering. GPS, remdruk voor en achter, stuursensor, G-force en alle KMS-parameters.
Alles geïntegreerd met de AIM Smartycam HD.


Seizoen 2014 met de nieuwe Avenger van MBMotorsport

170pk, op slechts 550kg in combinatie met achterwielaandrijving, de basis voor iedere echte race auto met een bijzonder laag zwaartepunt !!!
Een echte racer, ontwikkeld in samenwerking met de Westfieldfabriek in Engeland, samengesteld met de juiste componenten om succes te kunnen waarborgen.
De betaalbaarheid in combinatie met het streng opgestelde reglement heeft inmiddels een groot aantal mensen doen besluiten in te stappen in deze spectaculaire betaalbare klasse.
Seizoen 2009 is weer voorbij, meer dan 45 Westfield Cup rijders streden er mee in dit tweede seizoen, het eerste seizoen was al een succes gebleken, wederom waren de reacties van de rijders en sponsors gedurende dit seizoen steeds overweldigend, ook in 2010 zullen we er alles aan doen deze klasse tot de populairste van Nederland en wellicht over de landsgrenzen te maken, hou onze website in de gaten........

Co de Vet was de eerste Ariel Atom2 Driver van Nederland Ariel-Atom2
Minimal bodywork moulded to the highest standards possible, consisting of separate composite panels reduces weight, minimises costs, and allows easy access for adjustment of most settings.

Developed in the wind tunnel to generate front and rear downforce with special attention paid to underbody air flow, the bodywork provides stability arid precise steering at all speeds.
Stowage boxes, electronics and battery are accessed by the OR bonnet which like the air box and mudguards is available in a range of grand prix colours.

Atom s one piece two person seat is elegantly simple

Designed to be set up specifically for the driver, the composite twin seat unit, offering high lateral support, has been designed to solve the interior space problems usually found in vehicles within this class. With its wide track the Atom can accommodate 2 large adults in safety, comfortably solving the space problems usually found in vehicles of this class. The composite twin seat unit designed to be set up for the driver, offers high lateral support and a comfortable driving position. The simple but effective adjustment progressively ramps the seat forward and up to cater for nearly all sizes of driver.

The view over the nose is pure race car. Flick the ignition. Press the starter
Housed in a minimal console, the compact racing instruments feature stepper motor driven needles with clear white on black easy to read faces, LCD readouts for secondary information and all legal requirement warning lights for road use. A remote, keyless immobiliser allows for an ignition on/kill switch and starter button, ergonomically grouped together with other controls around the steering wheel.

Suspension is pure race car, adjustability a keyword for the Atom.

Derived from current single seat race cars, suspension is by double unequal length wishbones and inboard, pushrod operated dampers, front and rear. The system features outboard rod ends all round for total adjustability and inboard rubber/metal bushes for compliance and comfort. Coil over Bilstein dampers front and rear extend the adjustability of the car allowing the Atom to be quickly set up for road or track use or to individual preferences.

Made with a high content of race car components.

The Atom has been designed with one purpose - performance. Race derived features include adjustable front/rear bias brakes with the option of remote operation while driving, twin brake master cylinders, hydraulic clutch, one and a half turn competition steering rack, adjustable alloy pedals and ram air system. It is this thought for detail and lack of compromise that makes the Atom so totally unique.

Even in 160bhp form the Atom s power to weight ratio exceeds that of a 911 Porsche Turbo.

Atom 2 power is from the new 20 Honda i-VTEC engine now regarded as the best 4 cylinder production engine in the world. Featured in the Honda Civic and Civic Type R, the engine and gearbox combines Honda reliability, economic servicing and practical ownership. With the performance emphasis of the Atom geared towards acceleration and handling, the power-to-weight ratio exceeds that of most supercars, giving phenomenal performance and track times comparable with pure race cars.